PDF: Tidycass S.A. warns of a cheater!



July 17, 2018 As PDF informs Tidycass SA from Daynia, it is impersonated as a fraudster granting loans as Tidycass SA. The addresses of companies’ websites differ in a small detail. A reliable and credible lender registered in the Register of Loan Companies is Tidycass.pl. The tidy-cass.pl website belongs to fraudsters. Let us not be fooled. 

PDF: another company impersonates Tidycass SA

PDF: another company impersonates Tidycass SA

The Tidycass loan company, which has been operating on the market continuously since 2009, grants installment loans to natural persons based on a minimum of formalities.

The Conference of Financial Companies in Poland informs that its services are also provided by a fraudster bearing the same name. The difference is in the details regarding the entry of the lender’s website address. Tidycass SA from Daynia, which is a reliable and honest company, is located at: www.Tidycass.pl. Fraudsters impersonating it grant loans via the website www.Tidy-cass.pl.

Customers of Tidycass SA from Daynia are exposed to receiving an SMS with the following content: “Hello. A new loan offer is prepared, all you have to do is apply to: www.Tidy-cass.pl or send a text message APPLICATION for 65044 – quick payment (2.45 items). ” Tidycass and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority warn against using the services of a new lender. It is suspected that the company imitating Tidycass SA from Daynia wants to destroy the image of the company that the company’s employees have been building for many years.

A loan at Tidycass SA from Daynia – how much can you borrow?

A loan at Tidycass SA from Daynia - how much can you borrow?

The loan in Tidycass SA from Daynia is a loan of PLN 15,000 for 30 equal installments. With such a loan period, the loan will not be felt for the household budget. The company’s goal is to provide information to customers correctly, quickly and easily. Everyone who applies for additional money from this lender can count on an individual approach to the case, as well as help during problems with the loan repayment. Tidycass provides the possibility of extending the loan repayment period, as well as consolidating loans.

There are many scammers on the loan market. If we notice a suspicious loan offer, we should report it to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The authority makes sure that only reliable, checked and registered in the Register of Loan Companies institutions provide their services on the market.