Registering with Cryobank – how to get a loan online.


CyCryobank is a company with many years of tradition. It belongs to a Scandinavian financial corporation. Since 2012, it has been operating in Poland, providing loans via the Internet. The maximum loan amount at Cryo is PLN 10,000. This is enough to achieve your goals.

Take a loan. Opinions about Cryobank

Cryobank – details of the offer

Aasa Polska - details of the offer

Cryobank is a non-banking institution that provides financial services over the internet. He provides loans in installments. The maximum amount that a customer can get is PLN 5,000, and the repayment period can include up to 24 months. This offer is very attractive for people interested in the loan industry services. It is worth taking a closer look and learn the details of this offer. Submission of the application is a gradual process and it is important to carefully read its next steps.

Amounts and periods available at Cryo

Amounts and periods available at AASA

Anyone who reads the content of the proposal will definitely see that it can meet the requirements of many customers. The smallest amount we can take is 1000 PLN. If we want more, the company can lend us up to PLN 5,000. As for the repayment period, it is also flexible. The shortest can be 13 months. The maximum is in this case, the abovementioned 24 months. This scale gives us the opportunity to conveniently choose the number and amount of installments that we will be able to cope with. Each of us has different financial needs, and Cryobank’s offer can help us meet them.

Conditions for obtaining a loan from Cryobank

Conditions for obtaining a loan from AASA Polska

If we want to apply for a loan at Cryobank, we must meet several conditions. One of them is having a stable income and place of residence in Poland. Importantly, our income can be confirmed by a contract of employment, but also a pension. This way older customers are not excluded and can apply for a loan even if they are no longer working. As far as the age of the customer is concerned, the minimum can be 20 years. A person who wants to receive an installment loan under this offer must not be older than 80 years. This is a very favorable age range, which includes a large group of borrowers.

In addition, the company wants to build relationships with reliable customers. Therefore, the potential lender cannot be entered in the registers of debtors. I am talking about the GIV InfoMonitor and ERIF databases. This should be understandable to us, since we also want to cooperate with an honest and trustworthy company. If we meet the above-mentioned requirements, we can confidently complete the application, which is available on the Cryobank website. It is worth visiting it when we want to take out an installment loan.

Documents needed for registration

  • ID card
  • Bank account
  • mobile phone

4 steps to register at Cryobank:

4 steps to register at Aasa Polska:

  1. Using the sliders, select the loan amount that suits you best and the repayment period
  2. Read the terms of the contract, complete the short application form and accept the loan terms and conditions
  3. Wait for a loan decision that you will receive by phone or email even on the same day